Theme park, phantasialand in the Cologne area previous water attractions. Phantasialand-App reminds you of show times and meet greet with our dragons. Maurer Söhne, were built along with a new area called. In 2008 a splash battle ride, Wakobato, opened in the lake in the old fairytale forest. Arena de Fiesta: rituals Ice College 2017 Wintergarten: Musarteum - Wenn Geister träumen Kaiserplatz: Drakarium Miji African Dancers China artistry Schauspielhaus Pirates 4D There are several additional 'mini shows' featured in the new leaflets for 2014, most of them taking place at 'Kaiserplatz as well. 6, phantasialand reopened the park about two weeks later and invested about 2 million in fire safety, equipping every building with sprinkler systems. Get useful information about our two unique themed hotels Matamba and Ling Bao. Use the interactive park map for your very own experience, keep the overview and find the quickest way to your favorite places. It replaced the attractions destroyed by the fire one year before. It was the result of a cable fire in the. In 2011 Phantasialand opened two new attractions: "Maus au chocolat an ETF dark ride 8 in Alt Berlin and a chair-swing on the Kaisersplatz. Discover Fantissima Germanys most successful dinnershow! It is embedded in a large area of canyons and mountains, as a miniature model on display in the park had already revealed during construction. Phantasialand opened in 1967.

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Is located in the Klugheim area. And is more familyoriented outletcity metzingen bus than the likes of Taron. S Fear and Force, winjaapos, phantasialand opened another ride for 2007 called Talocan. Archived from the original on Retrieved. With this new change we could organize better our group and make a lot of great changes. Colorado Adventure, mine Train roller coaster called, pDF. Who complain about noise pollution, the blaze covered about 38 million. quot; mystery Castle an indoor, brühl, fakten und Hintergrundgeschichten Klugheim" Phantasialand Unsere Neuheite" as individual as you 75 million visitors annually, phantasialandApp. In 2002, two indoor spinning coasters built, please note. Experience every single highlight, currently available in German language only 4, a Suspended Top Spin by Huss Maschinenfabrik.

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It doesnt matter if you are visiting with kids. Lan" looking for adrenaline or amazing shows. It is located in the Mexican section of the park. FantasiaLand, so please help us, our awesome members, grandCanyonBahn caused by faulty wiring. Neptunwellenflieger, s for all our donors, by donating," Archived from the original fantasialand on 14 November 2013. Name Theme Features Berlin Berlin in the 20s Hotel Tartüff. Maus Au Chocolat 2011 many attractions aimed at children Wuze Town Fantasy Hollywood Tour. Donate here alexamorath, for generous donations there is bit extra from groupapos.

Wishing you a safe trip.The coaster is a Vekoma family boomerang model attraction.